dont forget

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Did you forget T
hat I was even alive 
Did you forget
 Everything we ever had
 Did you forget 
Did you forget
 About me
  Did you regret
 Ever standing by my side
 Did you forget
 What we were feeling inside
 Now I'm left to forget
 About us  
But somewhere we went wrong
 We were once so strong
 Our love is like a song 
You can't forget it  
So now I guess
 This is where we have to stand
 Did you regret
 Ever holding my hand 
Never again
 Please don't forget
 Don't forget  

Éramos tan fuertes.

Si! ¿Adivinen quien dejó de ser armadora para ser punta? Moi!

Noche para olvidar.


5 Responses to “dont forget”
  1. Buena entrada! saludos

  2. Marta says:

    jaja me ha hecho mucha gracia el título de los comentarios :D
    Y la entrada es fabulosa, me encantan todas les prendas de ropa, igual que tu blog que también me encanta ^^

  3. Alex says:

    HIHIHI como me gusta la fotito de arriba....(L


  4. Anónimo says:

    Que buena tu foto principal :) me encanta. Un beso te sigo

  5. love dresses (L) :)

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